IOMIC creates professional-grade grips that puts an emphasis on COMFORT and SUPERIOR traction.

Often overlooked compared to club head and shaft technology, grips also play an important role in the science of the ideal golf swing. IOMIC specializes itself in the development of effective grip technology which includes the development of a new material called IOMAX, bringing to golfers grips that are capable of giving superior feel and control.

One key feature of IOMIC grips that are made with the IOMAX material, coupled with a unique suface design, is that they are capable of minimizing torque. Torque is something that is often ignored but actually plays an important role in every swing that a golfer makes.

When your club impacts on a ball, your shaft and grip can twist, which can lead to inconsistent shots. Most shaft makers try to make shafts that resist torque and twisting, a grip that puts too much torque on the shaft can reduce the shaft’s effectiveness.

IOMIC grips, made with IOMAX technology hit the sweet spot between comfort and performance, giving you a comfortable and stable grip, while minimizing torque, resulting in more accurate shots.

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