Golf Club Repair

Cheapest golf club repairs on the Gold Coast.
We have a passion for the highest quality repairs and guarantee our workmanship.
All brands of grips and shafts are stocked (if not in stock, can be ordered in within 24 hours). All repairs are carried out by a fully qualified PGA Professional with 25 years experience. Repairs can be completed while you wait or if it’s a bigger job this can be done on the same day. It doesn’t matter how big or small your repair needs are.

Equipment used for Repairs include:

  • Spine Finder for shafts
  • Reference Frequency Analyzer
  • Lie and Loft machine
  • Frequency Tip Weight and Built-In Laser

Repairs include:

  • Steel re-shafts starting from $25.00
  • Graphite re-shafts starting from $33.00
  • Re-grips starting from $ 5.00
  • Excel in Lie and loft adjustments
  • Shaft length adjustment (lengthen and shorten)