Custom Golf Fitting

We offer a professional custom golf fitting. True custom fittings by a PGA golf professional, specially built to each golfers body type, physical strength and swing characteristics.

Club fittings to guarantee more distance, consistancy, optimum ball flight and launch.

Golf swing analysis using Zelocity Pure Launch, with the latest software.

This will take the golfer who wants to improve, to another level.


An innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking and image processing for the most accurate tracking technology ever seen.


  • Fusion Tracking Technology- Patented technology that combines the best of both radar and camera technology
  • Putting – Introducing short game tracking for complete game improvement
  • Image Processing- Boresight camera for radar and image processing, data fusion
  • New Multi-Frequency Radar – Direct distance measurement for the most accurate ball flight and club tracking
  • Modern Design – Thin, slick and lightweight, the X3 is ideal for portability

  • Improved Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi with the added ability to be configured as access point (AP) where an unlimited number of listener applications can be connected